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Light Colors

gray w/gray music

white w/lg. black notes

white w/gray music

white w/bright notes

white w/gray grandstaff

gray texture w/acoustic 'hole'

white w/embossed music

gray w/gray music

white w/pastel symbols

white w/pink music

peach w/embossed music

white w/banjo-keys

white w/black notes

white w/synthesizer

gray w/swirl-staff

peach w/symbols

white w/gray music

yellow w/blue music

white w/ music

gray w/embossed tclef

white w/pink notes

gray w/gray music

white w/tclef

white w/guitar

white w/tclef

white w/piano player

white w/gray 32nd notes

white w/offset staffs

peach w/music

purple w/note & album

white w/CD's, notes, audio

white w/blue swstaff

white w/lg. black 8th note

gray w/embossed percussion

white w/gtr. player

gray w/embossed grand

gray w/tclefs & notes

white w/swirl-staff

gray w/swirlstaff

gray w/gray music

white w/piano

white w/gray music

white w/angled gray music

white w/jukebox

white w/blue swirlstaffs

white w/gray music

white w/gray notes

white w/piano

white w/gray guitars

white w/sheet music

gray w/gray notes

tan w/music/sig's

white w/swirled music

white w/gray music

white w/gray music

white w/embossed music

white w/gray swirled music

white w/etched symbols

white w/gray staff

white/yellow w/tclefs & notes

white w/gray tuba

gray w/blue tclef

gray w/pastel instruments

white w/ violins

gray w/embossed music

gray w/gray inst's

white w/gray music

white w/gray staff lines

gray w/embossed 8th's

white w/gray music

white w/gray notes

white w/grand piano

gray w/fiddle

gray w/gray tclef

white w/sax

gray w/embossed acoustic

white w/keys image

white w/gray violin

white w/gray music

white w/gray 8th's

beige w/gold 8th's

white w/blue tclef

white w/lg. gray violin

white w/gray-swirled music

white w/gray music

white w/blue notes

white w/peach music

white w/purple 8th's/gray tclefs

white w/orange notes

white w/'peach' CD's

white w/gray 8th's/staff

white w/pink notes

white w/asst'd jazz musicians

white w/swstaff, tclef, notes

white w/gray tclef

beige w/gray slant music

white w/gray grandstaff

white w/gray embossed music

white w/gray music

white w/gray music

white w/gray 'toon acoustic

gold w/gold notes

white w/peach notes and sigs

white w/color tclefs

white w/pink 32nd note

white w/multi-colored 8th notes

white w/purple slant music

white 'crumpled' w/music

white w/gray notes & tclefs

white w/gray notes

white w/gray tclefs

white w/asst'd electric guitars

white w/gray signatures

gray w/embossed symbols

white w/grandstaff music

white w/gray staff

white w/gray music

gray w/16th on staff

white w/gray music

white w/swirlstaff music

white w/gray symbols

gray w/gray music

white w/gray slanted music

gray w/embossed tclefs

white w/gray staff/tclef

white w/peach guitars

white w/gray steel gtr

white w/b-w swirlstaffs

white w/etched e-gtr

gray w/gray steel

white w/pastel 8th's

white w/blank staff

white w/embossed yellow music

white w/gray notes

white w/black inst's

white w/pastel notes

white w/pastel notes

yellow w/embossed music

peach w/notes and sigs

white w/gray sax/gtr

white w/gray notes/symbols

gray grain w/music

white w/yellow tuba

white w/gray swirlstaff

gold w/slant music

blue w/blue 8th's

gray w/embossed tclefs/staff

white w/gray swstaff

green w/embossed tclef

white w/blue swstaff music

white w/gray sax-trumpet players

blue w/swstaffs

gray w/embossed 8th's

white w/purple music

green w/3-D tclefs

gray w/embossed sigs-notes

white w/gray mic

gray w/embossed music

white w/gray notes/sigs

ivory w/gray music

gray w/swstaffs

white w/gray score

white w/peach music

white w/gray music

white w/gray fade music

pastel w/white music

white w/pink 8th's

white w/teal 16th's

gray w/embossed trumpet

gray w/white 8th's

white w/trumpet outline

white w/gray notes

white w/swstaff-trumpet

white w/gray music

Medium Colors

gold w/embossed music

blue w/embossed music

green w/embossed music

blue w/swirlstaff

pink w/notes

blue w/embossed music

red w/notes

ylw/orange w/music

green/pink w/sax-notes

pink w/gray 8th's

gray w/banjo

gold/metalic CD's

gray w/staff, music & keys

gray w/notes

gold w/staff

orange w/note & album

pink w/note & album

gray w/16th notes

purple w/8th note

peach w/tclef-staff

blue w/tclef & note

blue w/keys

orange w/music

pink w/gray notes

gray w/gray music

green w/embossed bclef

gray w/blue tclef

purple w/pink tclef

peach w/tclef

blue w/embossed notes

blue w/clouds & notes

purple w/gray notes

yellow w/clarinet

yellow w/gtr chord charts

gold w/music

teal blue w/music

gold w/yellow CD's

gray w/embossed guitar

yellow w/slant music

blue w/gray music

gray w/keybd

gray w/gray-white 8th's

gray w/etched 'smiley-face' 8th

gold w/etched word 'MUSIC'

green w/assorted notes

gray w/embossed tclef

teal w/gray notes

gold w/gold notes

tan w/gold 8th notes

blue w/steel images

pink w/keys

purple/blue w/multi-notes

tan w/music

tan w/tclef

purple w/music

tan w/music

yellow w/orange music

gray w/etched slant music

gold w/tan music

gold w/tan notes

yellow w/embossed music

teal-blue w/grandstaff

gray w/gray music

teal w/16th notes

tan w/embossed music

gray w/white music

green w/green music

gray w/embossed music

blue w/green music

tan w/'old' sheet music

Dark Colors

gray w/embossed notes

blue w/black notes

blue w/3-D notes-sigs

black w/slant-music

purple w/pink tclef

blue w/music

gray w/white notes

multi-guitar backs

gray w/slant music

blue w/notes

gray w/ylw 32nd notes

black w/gold tclef

black w/gold swirlstaff

red w/red & white guitar

purple w/blue music

black w/gold sax

blue w/concert pianist

black/blue w/'star' grand

blue w/black music

black w/blue music

black w/pink notes

black w/multi-colored notes/tclefs

blue w/tclefs, notes, gtr, piano

blue w/LP-notes

black w/gray notes/tclef/mic

blue w/blue music

blue w/black tclef

black w/gray music

black w/gray music

blue w/blue music

black w/trombone

black w/gold tclef, notes

gray w/black music

black w/white music

blue w/black staff

black w/white slant music

purple w/black 8th's

blue w/blue music

black w/multi-notes


bordered paper

green~~keys border

sheet music~~blue border

green~~fiddle border

maroon~~fiddle border

blue~~fiddle border

blue~~fiddle border

purple~~notes border

white~~fret border

black~~sheetmusic border

blue~~keyboard border

black~~notes border

black~~notes border

gray~~gold tclef border

gold~~staffs border

white~~black tclefs border

white~~keybd border

blue~~tclef/sig border

black~~keybd border

black~~keybd/rose border

black~~gold note border

blue~~music border

white~~gold CD border

white~~keybd border

white~~gray mic border

white~~gray notes border

white~~blue border/tclefs

white~~gray music on Rt. border

white~~ylw music border

black~~b-trumpet border

black~~gold sax border

black~~guitar & sw-staff border

black~~keybd border

white~~gray keybd border

white~~gray music border

white~~blue swirl border

white~~tclef blue border

white~~blue/gold tclefs border

black~~pink 8th border

beige~~pink music border

white~~tclefs & notes teal border

white w/staff~~red tclef border

white~~notes purple border

white~~3-D keybd border

beige~~black music border

black~~blue notes border

black~~white border/black tclefs

white~~red border/notes/keys

white~~gray music/blue border

white~~black tclef border

white~~music staff book border

white~~multi-notes, sigs border

white~~gtrs border

white~~black boom stand border

white~~phonos/ylw border

white~~black vert. music border

white~~blue notes border

white~~b/w notes border

white~~multi-notes border

white~~black notes border

yellow~~sax border

pink~~pink music border

white w/gray music~~black border

gray~~black tclef border

black~~blue music border

green~~blue notes border

purple~~blue music border

white~~yellow grandstaff border

white~~ylw staff border

white~~pastel sigs border

peach~~black border

white~~gray music border

black~~keybd border

purple~~keybd border

white w/b&w music border

white~~red/white staff border

white~~blue/pastel inst. border

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