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Single Notes Double Notes, etc Animated Music/Notes
blue 8th black 'string' pastel/flashing notes
purple 8th purple 8ths pastel/jumping 8th's
blue qtr. black 8ths pastel/jumping 8th's
green 16th colored qtrs. black/white bouncing-staff
purple qtr. neon pink/purple pink/purple dancing 8th's
black 16th black 8ths black scrolling 8th's
black 8th asst'd colored 8ths pastel/dancing
red 16th rainbow notes pastel/flashing
black qtr pink 8ths colored/blinking 8th's
blue 3D 8th colored 16ths colored/bouncing
black 32nd pink 8ths/faces blue/red 'moving' line of notes
blue qtr. ylw/blue colored/bouncing
red 8th blue 8ths colored/scrolling 8th's
red 32nd colored 8ths/staff blue/bouncing 8th
purple 8th asst'd/colored blue/rotating 3-D notes
gold/green 16th blue/red asst'd black/white 'stepping' 8th's
blue 64th black/white black/white flashing on staff
black qtr. purple/triplet colored/scrolling 8th's
gold 8th on blue asst'd/colored colors/flashing 16th
colored 8th red 16th's colors/flashing qtr.
white 32nd neon blue 8th's purple/dancing 8th's
red 32nd black 8th's black/scrolling
blue 8th black/staff pastel/jumping--box
b/w 8th black 8th's/white white/rotating 3-D 8th
gold 8th/white black 8th's/red silver/rotating 3-D 8th
blue 8th w/garland black 8th's/red colors/flashing 8th's
yellow 8th black 8th's/white black/jumping
gold 32nd black/ylw staff gray/rotating 3-D 8th
pink 8th red 8th's colored/flashing 16's
black 8th red 8th's colored/flashing 16th's
gold on staff silver 3-D 8th's blue/rotating 3-D 16th
red/ylw 8th black/white qtr's colored/flashing
white 8th on blue black/staff blue/spinning 3-D 16th
orange/green white 8th's black jumping notes
gold/red 8th w/halo neon-pink 8th's colored 'shaking' notes
red colored/asst'd gold/spinning 3-D 8th
red 16th neon w/tclef blue w/tclef
white 8th/aqua notes w/glasses blue 8th's
blue/yellow 8th red/blue circle w/notes black scrolling notes
red 8th black 8th's/staff black 8th/purple circle
yellow 8th black 8th's/pink purple rotating 3-D 16th
blue 8th/white 2 red 8th's/white red jumping 8th/16th
blue 8th/white staff 3 white 8th's blue qtr-to-64th
white 16th/blue diamond 2 white 8th's blue neon/flashing
blue 8th 2 black 8th's flashing 8th
red 8th (on globe) black 8th's on gold/white asst'd colored/scrolling
blue/chrome 3-D 8th blue/purple 8th's black 8th/bouncing
pink 8th blue 8th's pink/yellow 8th's/flashing
gold 8th/triangle green/blue/yellow 8th's blue/red interlocked/rotating
gray/peach 8th multi-colored notes/purple BG gold 3-D 8th's/'swinging'
red 8th/staff green 8th's 8th's/flashing
red 'toon 16th black 8th's/white pink 16th's/yellow qtr's (twisting)
green 'toon qtr. colored/asst'd gold/blue 3-D 16th/rotating
orange 'toon qtr. purple/yellow black 8th's & tclefs/scrolling
orange 8th 8th's/16th's w/tclef blue 'swaying' 8th's
red 8th black/white 64th's blue VERTICAL scrolling notes
black 8th on green banner black 64th's/white red 3-D rotating 16th
white 8th/purple gold 16th's/red silver 3-D rotating 8th
gray 8th w/shadow red 16th's blue 'bouncing' 8th
black 8th on yellow/blue orange 'liquid' qtr's/white blue 'bouncing' 8th's/on red swstaff
gold 8th red 16th's/yellow black 'rotating' qtr
black 8th blue/white 8th's gold 3-D spinning 8th
purple 8th pink/white 8th's black moving 8th
black 16th 4 red 8th's black flashing 8th's
black 16th/staff white/green 8th's pastel flashing 8th's/staff
black 1/2 qtr. on staff green 8th's pastel flashing 8th
blue 8th blue 8th's black 'sway' 8th's
blue 'heart' 8th pink 8th/16th's flashing blue music/green staff
purple 8th red 8th's flashing blue/ylw music
3-D black 8th blue 3-D 8th's flashing black notes/staff
black whole note/staff 2 black qtr's/white scrolling pastel notes
multi-colored 8th multi colored 8th's scrolling staff w/black notes
black 8th reds flashing red qtr/staff
black 8th blue 8th's flashing multi-notes/staff
black 8th black 8th's/blue circle flashing green notes/staff

white 16th's/clouds moving/fading pastel notes

blue 8th's flashing white 8th's/black

red/blue qtrs. bouncing multi-8th's/box

pink/blue/yellow 8th's bouncing multi-16th's

orange/white 8th's swinging yellow 8th/face

gold 'toon 8th flashing multi-8th's/outhouse

gold 8th's flashing black 16th's/staff

blue 8th's

purple 'toon 16th's

blue 'liquid' 8th's

blue 8th's

green 8th's/32nd

black 8th's/green

blue 8th's

b/w triplet

multi qtrs/8th's

purple 8th's

black 8th's/purple

blue asst'd w/tclef


red 8th's/blue

black 16th's

red/blue 8th's

multi 8th's/16th's

black qtr's & 8th's/colored lines

red/blue 8th's on staff

black 'toon 8th's

pink 8th's

yellow 8th's/staff

gold/black 8th's

white,green,red 8th's/blue staff

multi 16th's

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**DISCLAIMER: Most of these graphics were obtained through search engines and "owners" were contacted for permission to use them. If anyone discovers that any of these graphics are copyrighted, please notify me, and I will remove them immediately. I am unaware that any are at the present time. You are welcome to use these graphics in a NON-PROFIT manner only, such as non-commercial websites or signature files, brochures, flyers, posters, stationary, signs and pamphlets.**
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