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Small Large Animated
"V" guitar guitar player Frog w/banjo
guitar player guitar player apple w/guitar
Gumby w/guitar guitar player guitar player
Dinosaur w/guitar acoustic gtr player guitar player w/amp
guitar player M&M w/sax guitar player
guitar player trumpet player bass player
trumpet player 3 pc. band PinkPanther w/sax
trumpet player fiddler--(b/w) sax players
trumpet player fiddler frog w/trumpet
sax player Lobster w/fiddle bass & trombone players
tuba player Bach w/guitar clown w/trombone
'toon piano player Anteater celloist trumpet player
guitar player bear w/tuba guitar player
Bass sax player trombone player alligator w/sax
bear w/sax Bagpipe Player sax player
frog w/sax Orchestra players turtle w/gtr
chili pepper w/guitar 'toon guitarist Raccoon w/fiddle
guitar player rock/roll guitarist Cricket w/fiddle
trumpet player anchovies w/violin & trumpet Cat w/fiddle
'caped' duck w/guitar male pianist Otter w/guitar
'running' guitarist director guitar player w/mic
'toon bass player 3-pc. band w/monkey piano player
'toon guitar player Orchestra quartet fiddle player
male pianist 4-pc winds group
sax player
'toon female guitarist bear w/flute
guitar player
conductor alligator w/notes
3 pc. animated rock band
'toon pianist b/w orchestra
bugle player
b/w sax player pig w/flute Santa w/guitar
guitarist boy w/trumpet horse w/guitar
elect. guitarist male bagpipe player pianist/white
elect. guitarist accordian player conductor
elect. guitarist accordian player piano player/red
M&M w/sax bassoon player Lisa Simpson w/sax
guitarist conga player Santa w/trumpet
guitarist male flute player dog pianist
guitarist female harp player turtle w/'stand-up' bass
'toon cymbal player female w/jews harp 'Ringo' drummer
guitarist female oboe player John Lennon
guitarist male piccolo player Paul McCartney
drummer male xylophone player George Harrison
keyboard player 'toon cowboy guitarist Keith Richards
b/w Orchestra quartet b/w tuba player Jimmy Page
b/w upright-bass player trombone player Paul Simon
bear w/flute 'toon conductor 'toon guitarist
female pianist conga player
running drummer
piper w/flute 'toon sax player
lion w/steel drum
swami w/horn pianist
female bass player
male violinist drum major
orchestra w/conductor
5 pc. marching band
jazzcat w/guitar

bassoon player
'toon trumpist

elf w/flute
'toon trombonist

hillbilly band
male sax player

guitarist w/amp
drum major

rabbit w/flute

dancing 'Elvis' w/gtr

bongo player

'Buddy' pianist
Thanks to piano1180!

drum major


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Males Females Groups
choir singer girl w/mic b/w choir w/notes
choir singer w/notes animated w/mic Xmas Elves choir
singer w/lute girl w/mic boys' ani-choir
animated w/book girl w/mic b/w trio
ani-chicken w/mic animated w/mic stand church choir
Roy Orbison choir singer children's choir
animated w/mic opera singer trio
boy ani-singer opera singer choir w/book
animated announcer animated w/mic b/w sketch - children's choir
'toon w/mic girl w/mic trio
'toon w/mic 'wedding' singer animated choir
animated opera singer girl ani-singer b/w Barbershop Quartet
Elvis w/mic blue outline/singer b/w Barbershop Quartet
rat w/phonograph 'toon opera singer b/w quartet faces

girl w/mic red Barbershop Quartet

girl w/mic girls' choir

ani-female w/mic kid's Xmas Choir

5 pc. choir

trio w/notes

male/female duet

b/w Barbershop Quartet


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**DISCLAIMER: Most of these graphics were obtained through search engines and "owners" were contacted for permission to use them. If anyone discovers that any of these graphics are copyrighted, please notify me, and I will remove them immediately. I am unaware that any are at the present time. You are welcome to use these graphics in a NON-PROFIT manner only, such as non-commercial websites or signature files, brochures, flyers, posters, stationary, signs and pamphlets.**
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