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Mining Co. Clipart
Good collection of music graphics
Music Related Image Resources
Excellent Site
Michigan's Traditional Fiddle Pages
Nice music graphics here
Phyllis's Backgrounds & Alphabets
Nice music backgrounds
I Write The Music - Graphics Page
Yet another great list of links for graphics
Phil's Rock N Roll Page
Excellent site!
Piano-related graphics & links to other music sites
Lisabeth's Music Images
Yet another great site for graphics!
PCA-Netstar Music Graphics Collection Gospel Guitar
Several music graphics
mu64u's Music Graphics
Another neat site for music graphics
Stock Photos at Foto Search
MUSIC GRAPHICS MANIA Seashell's Graphics
Another nice site for music graphics
The Stringstuff Page
Nice original string graphics
B Flat Website
Excellent choice of music graphics!
Hundreds of music images with paid membership


Connection Band Website
The band I play with
A musician's MUST HAVE site!!
Guitar Searcher
Your one stop search tool for guitars, amps, effects and more
123 Greetings
Celebrating 'Piano Month' through free Ecards
Music Mail Express/Online Catalog
Just Music
Your best place for music on the internet.
Ogden's Music Theory
& Composition
MIDI Music--Welcome From the Mining Co.
A vast list of midi sites, composers, etc.
(Steve Allen--designer)
Drum Solo Artist
Extensive Resource for Drummers
Top 100 guitar sites, Tabs, MP3's, etc...
Great site for guitar players!!
Black Gospel Music Clef
Thanks to this great website for allowing me to use some of their graphics
David Bennett Cohen Homepage
Keyboard player for 60's rock group,
Country Joe and The Fish
My Sheet Music
Excellent site for downloading sheet music, etc.
Musician's Union Local 40-543
Thanks to this website for allowing me to use some of their graphics
Michael Furstner's JAZCLASS
Award winning Music Education site
Thanks to Michael for allowing me to use some of his graphics
Casa de la Můsica, Inc.
A high-tech music studio in Apple Valley, MN
Rockwood Studios
Exceptional Audio Production
Notation Machine
Sheet music from recordings, musician jokes, music dictionary
Possum's Music City USA
"Home of Smoked Possum Newsletter"
Music Education Online
A Guide for Music Education for Grades K through 12
Trombone Page of the World
Everything for trombone enthusiasts!
Enchante's Carousel
Great midi selections
Music Resource Page
A handy links page for any musician
A Passion For Jazz
Excellent source for jazz information, and links
Ed's Music Resources For Musicians
Another handy links page for any musician!
Brown Radio, Inc.
Thanks to this website for the use of their jazzband background!
General Music Related Sites
on the Web
Australian SKA Bands
Music Message International
What you need to make music
A central part of your day!
Providing dobro01
A Web community for musicians and music enthusiasts.
Bay 3 Studios Charlie's Junkyard
For Fans of Blues,Jazz and Life in general
The ultimate artist development resource
Evette Eleese's Music, Cats & More!
Thanks Evette, for supplying words 96 & 97!)
Accompanists Index
Find accompanists, pianists, and accompanists in the US from this site.
Shavano Music Online Search Music Network
Good search site for anything music
Sweetie 99's Music Passions
Lots of assorted music links
Flute and Piccolo Place!
Lots of info pertaining to flute & pic
The O'Neill Brothers
Two brothers on two pianos
Over 700,000 of their relaxing piano CD's sold!
Andy's Music.Net
Great site for music links and info
Composes original music for films, documentaries, television programs and commercials, trailers, videos, new media, theater and radio.
Musical Links
Extensive list of music-related links
Jewish Entertainment Resources
Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Music For Web Pages 101
Steve Johnson Website
UK entertainer
Simerman Dulcimers
Providing dulcimer 05 and 06 graphics!
Pedal Steel Pickers Page
Thanks for steel05 graphic!
Helix Music
Hand-Crafted Australian Musical Instruments
Thanks for dulcimer13 image!
Bear Meadows Dulcimers
Providing dulcimer14 graphic!
The Songwriter's Tip Jar
Tips, techniques, tools and shortcuts to songwriting
Teoria - Music Theory Web
Great music theory site!
Scott Morris-You Can Play Guitar
Independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get their music to the top.
St. Petersburg Community Band
A great example of using music graphics!
Dr. Prestamo's Music Links Harley Guitars
Graphic-rich guitars for sale
City Brass Stockholm
Providing background 277, trombone 29!
Royalty free resource for free sounds
Kiwi Music
Thanks for notes 109-110!
Scoot-O-Boy's music page
Free newsletter ezine and resource site for Musicians
World Musical Instruments
Fine Acoustics
Acoustic Handmade Custom Guitars
Songwriting & Music Resource


GSM Enterprises--The Daily Freebie
Large list of "Freebie" sites
John's Jukes Ltd.
Pinball, video and jukebox corner--for gamerooms
The Cyber Center
Great place for webmasters!
(Providing CD55 graphic)
HTML Code Tutorial
Excellent source for HTML help!
Tech Fortress
Gaming center

Soprano Free Links Site
Vote here for sites!
#1 Free Stuff
A collection of free stuff and freebies....
Health and Beauty, Freeware, Screensavers, and more.
Dream Graphics-Custom Graphics Design
(Providing word80 graphic)
Large list of free stuff!
Far Horizons Gifts & Decor
Over 2,700 gift and home decor items from around the world - all at 25% to 75% BELOW retail!!
'Sleep Tight' website
Providing dulcimer08 graphic!
West Side Nut Club
Evansville, Indiana civic club
Providing Quartet08 graphic!

Cool Freebie Links
One of the largest (and oldest - 1998) freebie sites on the web
All Free Things
A searchable directory including games, screensavers, music, clip art, webmaster resources, and more.

Web TV Transloaders
Eric Paul
Web Gizmo
Music Message International
**DISCLAIMER: Most of these graphics were obtained through search engines and "owners" were contacted for permission to use them. If anyone discovers that any of these graphics are copyrighted, please notify me, and I will remove them immediately. I am unaware that any are at the present time. You are welcome to use these graphics in a NON-PROFIT manner only, such as non-commercial websites or signature files, brochures, flyers, posters, stationary, signs and pamphlets.**
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