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I have had several people ask for the URL to a banner for linking back to Music Graphics Galore. Here are some to choose from:

MGG Logo 01  MGG Logo 02

MGG Logo 03  MGG Logo 04

MGG Logo 05  MGG Logo 06

MGG Logo 07  MGG Logo 08

MGG Logo 09  MGG Logo 10

MGG Logo 11  MGG Logo 12

MGG Logo 13  MGG Logo 14

MGG Logo 15  MGG Logo 16

MGG Logo 17

Music For Web Pages 101

(Thanks to Keith Ballentine at Music For Webpages 101 for creating some of these great logos for me)

Web TV Transloaders
Eric Paul
Web Gizmo
Music Message International
**DISCLAIMER: Most of these graphics were obtained through search engines and "owners" were contacted for permission to use them. If anyone discovers that any of these graphics are copyrighted, please notify me, and I will remove them immediately. I am unaware that any are at the present time. You are welcome to use these graphics in a NON-PROFIT manner only, such as non-commercial websites or signature files, brochures, flyers, posters, stationary, signs and pamphlets.**
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